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This valve maintains a constant water temperature to help give you and your family a safe and enjoyable bathing experience. Scale: A thin coating or layer, usually calcium on the bottom of a tank or interior parts that may prevent heat transfer. Schedule: Numbers assigned to different wall thicknesses of pipe (e.g. sch 40). Sediment: The substance that settles on the bottom of a water tank. Also known as lime. Septic D-Box: Septic Distribution Box. A container used to receive septic system effluent from a septic tank and to re-distribute the effluent into a network of attached drain-field or soakaway bed absorption trenches & pipes. Septic Tank: A tank used to detain domestic wastes to allow the settling of solids prior Gordontheplumber.com 24 HR Plumbing Near to distribution.


But even in that instance, the far better method to conserve is to simply wash your clothes in cool as opposed to hot. But should not a higher tank temperature level mean greater standby losses? Not truly. We cover Standby Losses even more down on this page. One possible problem with lower temperature levels is that, at the very least in theory, Legionnaire’s Disease bacteria could be encouraged to reproduce. For that reason OSHA recommends preserving the temperature at 140 ° F, though DoE says that 120 ° F is “thought about secure for the bulk of the populace”, and it’s what they suggest for most users. Keep in mind that while 140 ° F reliably eliminates germs in gas tanks, they can still make it through in 40 % of electric heaters established to 140 ° F considering that the water below the storage tank could not acquire that hot. (Gas heating units get rid of the germs a lot better, since the temperature in gas heating units is a lot more consistent.). It could planning to you like a lose-lose situation: You either run the danger of scalding with a high set temp, or the danger of germs growth with a reduced collection temperature.


On the website Travel + Leisure, it states some pretty strange things you should know when heading to these European cities. It is common to pay to us public restrooms, even if they appear to be free. So, always assume. If there is no cost to enter, there is likely a cost for toilet paper or a top dish for the bathroom attendant. Quick tip if you ever travel there: sometimes attendants will put big bills in the tip jars to confuse tourists, but don’t worry. A small tip equivalent to between $0.50 and $1.00 is sufficient as brought up by Travel + Leisure. Also, be sure to use local currency. According to DailyMail.com, here are some differences in bathroom etiquette specifically in Britain. First, it is only a bathroom if is has a bath in it and it is not called a restroom either because you hardly go there for a rest. So, it is called either the lavatory or the ‘loo’.


First, it’s Desk.com to check and answer any email inquiries from BobPlumbingVideos.com, over to YouTube to check viewer comments and finally over to FaceBook to check on any inquiries from my Robert Sessa Plumbing and BobsPlumbingVideos profiles. I see someone left a message over at B.P.V. so I’m curious and the message read something like this, You’ve been selected as one the Top Plumbing Blogs. Naturally, I’m curious I hit the link and was taken to an attractive looking page listing all 50 winners of which B.P.V. was sitting in the #3 position. What the heck is this I utter to myself, who posted this and where did they get all the information about all these companies? Feedspot! What is Feedspot, well that was my response so I head over to FeedSpot.Com to see what they’re all about! So FeedSpot is basically an RSS feed that keeps track of what’s going on in your industry.


Well, I came to find out later that they were puzzled because in their opinion my first attempt was absolutely fine. It was still ahead trip for me wondering did if pass? fail? As things turned out I passed the Master Plumbers Exam practical test and by August 24th of 1978 at the age of 28, I became Licensed Master Plumber #0521 That was 40 years ago and since that time my children were born and raised, I sold the company I started in 1978 to my employees in 2004, the two friends who I took the test with have since unfortunately passed away. I started a handyman business in 2005 which I ran until 2011, and In 2012, I started Robert Sessa Plumbing. The following video below is a quick overview of that practical test in which I explain the process as best as I can remember. I, unfortunately, am no longer in possession of the actual tools and materials I used at the time. When I sold my company, I sold everything and at the time had no intention of entering back into the plumbing business ( a blog post to come). If you’re a professional watching this you’ll know what I’m talking about, to everyone else I’ll try my best to explain the process.


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